Meet The Team
  1. Admin/Business Management
    Admin/Business Management
    Tanya Rathe
    "I am a dedicated manager and customer service representative motivated to maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to the company’s success. You will find that I am reliable and driven with strong time management and prioritization skills."
  2. President
    Ken Fisher
    30 years of Commercial, Industrial and Educational construction project experience. Solid understanding with the development and management of programs directly associated with all ground up Project Management activities; Due Diligence, Planning, Design, Construction, and Facilities Operations activities nationally and internationally.
  3. Project Manager
    Project Manager
    Cole Coba
    Experience includes Business Administration and Project Management for a wide band of companies. "Through leadership, teamwork, experience and communication my strength is developing and participating in a cohesive team atmosphere to design and execute a project that fits the Client's vision from start to finish."
  4. Project Manager
    Project Manager
    Kevin Cablik
    Kevin is highly motivated, and an educated leader within the construction industry and community. Projects include tunnels, bridges, high rise buildings, power plants, professional stadiums, mixed-use, and retail developments. Kevin strongly believes successful project implementation is achieved with diligent communication, organization and accountability.